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The ADIG HUMAN SYNCHRONIZER is a revolutionary Tempo Controller that puts the musician back in charge!

No longer are you locked to a tempo dictated by the machines you use!

Let the music dictate the tempo! You may want to speed up a little in the chorus, then slow down going back to the verse? Now you can use tempo musically and creatively again, where you as the musician, set the tempo in real-time. A musician's dream come through!


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"...Just saw the demos on your site, WOW!! This must be what I have been looking for for many years."

"...granted an Editor's Choice award to ADIG Human Synchronizer. Current method of awarding is chosen by us to reflect the high quality of your software product." (downloadatlas)


Nov 18. 2013 - Human Synchronizer for MaxForLive released!

Aug 10. 2011 - ADIG Human Synchronizer v.2.1 released!

Feb 20. 2011 - ADIG Human Synchronizer v.2.1 Beta for PC released!

Mar 03. 2010 - ADIG Human Synchronizer v.2.0 released!

Jan 18. 2010 - Back from NAMM2010. Thanks to all our visitors, friends and colleagues.

Jan 01. 2010 - ADIG Human Synchronizer v.2 BETA release. The best beat detect and tempo control algorithm to this date! Thanks to Wim D'haes and Mu Techologies for their contribution to our onset detector.

21.12.09 - ADIG will be at the NAMM show booth 1215 presenting the ADIG tempo technology

01.12.09 - ADIG has released v1.31 of ADIG Human Synchronizer

19.08.09 - ADIG has released v1.3 of ADIG Human Synchronizer with features like audio tapping and midi filters

23.04.09 - ADIG has released v1.3 beta of ADIG Human Synchronizer with even better tempo tracking!

25.03.09 - ADIG has released v1.2 of ADIG Human Synchronizer featuring our Tempo Record functions

23.02.09 - ADIG will be at the Musikmesse 1-4.april! Check us out at booth 5.1 D74

20.01.09 - ADIG experienced a tremendous response to our Human Synchronizer at the NAMM 2009 show. Thank you to all who visited our booth asking tricky questions and proving to us that this is what the world needs.

15.11.08 - ADIG will be at the NAMM show in january!

01.11.08 - Officially release of the Human Synchronizer