The ADIG HUMAN SYNCHRONIZER v2.1 features the world's best technology of it's kind; the ADIG Tempo Technology.

We give you the possibility to control tempo in real-time while performing, or to detect and follow tempo of recorded music. You can even import the tempoinformation detected by the ADIG HUMAN SYNCHRONIZER into your music notation software og studio recording session.

Normally when using loopers, sequencers or drum machines, you will have to follow a static tempo, but our technology restores the organic feel in your music.

Any equipment that supports a MIDI CLOCK can be controlled from the ADIG HUMAN SYNCHRONIZER, making it easy to use the gear that you already own.

New in v2 is the brand new ADIG Onset algorithm that can detect tempo from any instrument! New is also our ADIG Beat Detect algorithm that liberates the musician from the requirement of hearing the click.

How it works

To set a tempo, the ADIG HUMAN SYNCHRONIZER gives you the following control options:

- Using an expression pedal controller,
- using a pitch or modulation wheel on your keyboard, or any other controller knob,
- any MIDI controller with buttons or tap pads.

- And at best: the ADIG HUMAN SYNCHRONIZER listens and detects the tempo from your playing - while you are playing.

When using the ADIG HUMAN SYNCHRONIZER you can apply both audio and midi input. Audio input in ADIG HUMAN SYNCHRONIZER v2 works with all instruments imaginable, even the human voice!

The ADIG HUMAN SYNCHRONIZER stand-alone software is available both as Windows and Mac versions.